ADMA 2020-2021



To our dearests,

We are currently working on the second edition of the Advanced Master of Research in Art and Design issue of TYPP, developed within the framework of the 2020–21 ShareResearch Module. TYPP is the journal for artistic research of Sint Lucas School of Arts in Antwerp. It brings together artistic research practices, without any hierarchy or predefined graphic format. This issue of TYPP will feature contributions from all 12 participants of the advanced master program in the form of text, images, drawings, graphic design and more.

For this issue, titled ‘It astonishes me when I hear you say love.’, contributors were asked to consider their research through the lens of the love letter. This publication was conceived during a year in which we conducted our entire advanced master program online. Yet somehow the contributors of this publication put love and care in the air and helped it to travel through our screens and into our bedrooms, workspaces, apartments, and studios. Critical academic research institutions and processes are generally not known for the space they make for love and vulnerable relationality, but it does exist if you know where to look. Like here.

The title for this issue, ‘It astonishes me when I hear you say love.’ is a quote from Federico García Lorca’s play El público (The Public or The Audience), written between 1929 and 1930, and only published after his murder. The quote appears twice, in slightly different forms, in a conversation between the Magician and the Director, as they discuss the latter’s heartfelt attempt to stage a revolutionary and very gay adaptation of Willem Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

‘It astonishes me when I hear you say love.’ features contributions from Amélie Jakubek, Chris Rotsaert & Elien Ronse, Hiroko Tsuchimoto, Jen Clarke, Martina Petrović, Mona Hedayati, Nohad Elhajj, Rachel Bacon, Tommi Vasko & Kaisa Karvinen and Vicky De Visser. This issue is designed by Joud Toamah with support from Ward Heirwegh, and edited by Kim Gorus, Marnie Slater and Petra Van Brabandt. The issue will be released in late 2021.

With much love and anticipation of our meeting soon.