ADMA 2021-2022



Here Instead of Around

dear carpet, take me with you

as time is a flat circle, and I am here instead of around, talking to my cat

riding on the mycelial net, which is my body, inside my mind

no borders, just transitory objects, national baggage, floating through virtual spaces

as I lead the masked parade from the centre to the periphery

through our successes and the failings, we thank you for your approach and consideration

Here, in multitude, we share with you glimpses of our thoughts and research, questioning fundamental aspects of the way forms operate. 

We are an international group of ten artist-researchers who have gathered into a cohort in Sint Lucas Antwerpen’s 2021 - 2022 Advanced Masters of Research in Art and Design. Our diverse practices span visual art, performance and design, and are anchored in our social-political contexts. We have spent the past year exchanging ideas and developing critical, collaborative and complex conversations and methodologies. A plethora of strategies for sharing our practices and research with a diverse group. We explored the potentialities of building a group spanning a diversity of disciplines, ages, ethnicities, sexual/gendered/racial identities, within and under an institution’s limitations and possibilities. 

(Cat on a mini carpet picture) Credits to Anat Martkovich


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