ADMA 2021-2022


Anat Martkovich


THANK YOU FOR COMING TO MY HEADTALK explores the current positioning and construction of the face as a site, following Hans Beltings equating of the face ~~~ ‘interface’.

The project explores the face through the lenses of art history, race theory, feminist writings, poetry, capitalism, ownership and authorship, drag, artistic practice, pop and social media culture - contemplated upon with both humor and melancholy. Utilizing found digital sites, materials and esthetics (websites, social media pages, google images, stock photos, software interfaces). Working through the rectangular peephole of the screen, employing techniques such as screen capture, writing, screen printing, digital collage, video and moving image, sound and collaboration.

The face is here understood as our own built- in social interface. And as such the correlation between it and the various digital interfaces which rule our current moment in time (choose as we might to either use them in our favor, belittle their influence, or shun them), spun out into an existential exploration of a contemporary mode of existence. In this, make-up, wellness, and face filters videos and imagery act as experimental and observational formats.

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Anat Martkovich (AKA Mrs. So Bitch, AKA Anana Maria) is a USSR born (1986), Israelie raised, Belgian based human with two cats. Maratkovich is a researcher of material culture, illustrator, curator and multi-disciplinary artist. Holding a BA in Fashion Design from Shenkar College (2011), an MA in cultural studies from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (2019), M is a fresh graduate of the Sint Lucas Antwerp AdMA program (2022). Working in text, moving image, installation, soft sculpture, collage, drawing and readymade, M explores a contemporary mode of everyday living through the lens of critical thinking and the employment of worlding. M has published several articles, zines, an artist book, and a graphic novel which was developed in collaboration with Shuku Buku titled “Luna” published in 2021, with the support of the Pais Grant for the arts.