TYPP is the journal for artistic research of Sint Lucas School of Arts in Antwerp. It brings together artistic research practices, without any hierarchy or a predefined format. It seeks to offer a forum for the field of artistic research, which is averse to categories and continuously reinvents and reorients itself. The editorial board is responsible for the composition of each periodical.

From within the Advanced Master ShareResearch module, we propose to dedicate this issue of TYPP to conversation as a mode of research and practice. It will focus on conversation as a form of exchange, as a relational mode of research, as a collective possibility of knowledge-making, of learning, and of thinking processes made public. We will approach conversation as an expanded field of possibilities that includes interviews, more informal or unstructured exchanges in voice, image or text, intimate moments of connection, and acts of appropriation, mimicry, time travel and translation.

The process of working on this issue of TYPP began before the covid-19 pandemic, continued through the lockdown measures, and will emerge in a future that we cannot predict. Many of the contributions to this issue explicitly address and try to learn from the collective context of isolation, forced pause and ambiguity felt during the lockdown, while acknowledging that these states are not novel forms of suffering for many people around the world.

The extraordinary resistance of the Black Lives Matter movement and their allies unfolded around us during the development of this project. The urgent questions of systemic racism, white privilege, police violence, colonial legacies and Europe’s racist refugee and asylum seeker ‘policies’ spotlighted in this moment give context to this issue of TYPP and are addressed explicitly by some contributors.

Published books are an intimate medium, we read alone or in close proximity to another — each contribution will consider TYPP as a context to activate and intimately share our research processes with others.

Marnie Slater

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