ADMA 2022-2023


yingfei li


sound of changing

from the first time, who time(s) the time?
from sky to the earth, who separate(s) it?

depth of no light
dusky of the darkness
nether of the world
who is that?

delighted the daylight
benighted the nightlight
because of what?

trace of sunlight till moonlight
how long it take(s) us to pass by?

where belongs sun and the moon
what set(s) up stars in the sky?

is there a stone that talks, an animal that speaks?

fish the fish, bird the bird, water the water, star the star, who do(es) that?

if i have the medicine of living without dying, to swallow
what is the date of production, what is the date of expiration?
shall i put it in a box, a fridge, a chamber, or a bank?

who carry moving mountains?
who flow rivers?
who hold the lakes back?

attached oneself onto the crown, one becomes the emperor again,
be prayed because of what this one has done?

if i cloud the stone, fire the wind, mist the tree, sound the armour
fire in the stone, body in the dream
what’s there so left behind?

wars, in between, who is provoking?

lying beyond the truth, is it the truth trough lying,
spring, autumn, summer and winter,
how do i know if there is not the fifth season lying there beyond seasons?

poetic is politic
between speakable and unspealable, is poem
in chinese history, poem is a space of truth when there is oppression

• roosters crow when stepping us from darkness to sunlight, i don’t want to forget it
sound of the bell from far mountains, colours start to form and being applied onto this world, i don’t want to forget it
when there is not yet sunrise, no nightmares, no roosters, no mountain bells
sound of the alarm wakes me up from dreaming, the only thing i can remember is the last dream
in between day and night, dreaming and waking up, is the moment of changing
my (current) research is about changing synchronising with self-changing

how? with sound

with every heartbeat we are changing, if we listen carefully to the most beautiful instrument played by our life

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i grew up in mountains

i practice with: performance, sound and music, installation, poetry and painting