ADMA 2019-2020


rather raw but turning softer

Rather Raw But Turning Softer is a platform to share the outcome of our artistic research. Here you’ll find twelve different projects with common ground uniting them all. This common ground was woven by multiple hands, little by little, in an effort to reflect on how artists and designers can engage with their practice in an active and critical way -- while situating themselves and reacting to past and ongoing injustices, inequalities and standards. We believe that every act of research is an open ended process. Because of this, the material available here is fragmentary, indicative of broader multiverses. You are welcome to contact the artists-researchers for more details, and to engage in conversation with them.

Coming from more than twelve different places all over the world and with diverse backgrounds, we met as participants of the 2019-2020 Advanced Master of Research in Art and Design within a Social-Political Context at Sint Lucas School of Arts Antwerpen (Belgium). For the past year, we have been committed to our individual research projects and multiple collective exchange moments, with the support of tutors and guest tutors. Based on agreements of reciprocal care, engaged listening, and keeping our relations as horizontal as possible (within the limits of an art education institution), we were enriched by each other’s work as we were introduced to different research methods, theoretical concepts, and practical tools, to artistically question and challenge today’s power relations.

In March of 2020, Covid-19 arrived in Europe, and AdMa19-20 was shaken to its core. Between the fear and confusion that the pandemic brought, we had to adapt to new ways of being together, sharing as a group, and caring for the world. We would have loved to be physically close now at the close of this program; presenting our research, exchanging ideas, eating and drinking together. And we would have loved to meet you (our visitors) in person. However, we realize that health measures are changing rapidly and to share as broadly as possible we choose this virtual medium. Rather raw but turning softer is here for us to meet, to get inspired, to reflect, and to share. Please reach out; we would love to hear from you!

Sint Lucas School of Arts Antwerp - Advanced Master of Research in Art and Design